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Question types

Question types

Text input: the respondent is asked to enter a text into a text input field. The text may be entered in a multi-line format. A minimum and/or a maximum number of characters may be selected by the user (min length/max length).

Number input: similar to Text input, except that the respondent is asked to enter a number. The number entered may be required to be greater than/less than a certain value (min value/max value).

One value select: the respondent must choose a single option out of multiple options presented to them. If applicable, they may be given the option “Add Another Answer or Comment”, by which the respondent may provide an answer that is not present in the list. The “Other” option may be displayed as an element of the list (“display as answer choice”) or as a separate entry (“comment field”). Using the option “Score It”, the user may score each option that the respondent may select, which can be useful in the test/quiz mode.

Multiple value select: similar to “One value select”, except that the respondent may select multiple options out of a list. The user may select the appearance of the elements in the list as “Classic” or “Switch”.

Evaluation: the respondent is asked to choose a numerical value within a certain interval. The interval is selected by the user. The method of display is a horizontal list of buttons. The selected value will differ in color from the other values.

Dropdown: similar to “One value select”, except that the options are displayed as a dropdown menu instead of a series of radio buttons.

Star rating: similar to “Evaluation”, except that the method of display features diverse icons instead of buttons; in addition, the “Other” option may be used.

Date input: the respondent is asked to enter a date and/or time.

Matrix rating: the respondent is asked to select various options out of a matrix of options. The purpose is to group multiple questions of types “One value select” and “Multiple value select” into a single question. Matrix rating may feature the “Other” option, as well as scoring for each column.

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