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Date: 2018.5.18        Author: Administrator

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Add a SSL certificate

SSL certificates are used to protect your website information transfers and give a peace of mind to your customers.
     Enable the HTTPS communication protocol on your website.

Is it wise to install a SSL certificate even you do not use any web application on your website simply because major indexing engines like Google will start to penalize websites that do not use HTTPS. Why? There is almost no website without javascript, HTTP protocol is vulnerable to a ManInTheMidle attack that changes the delivered files including the JS files, your webpage can act as a trojan into your clients' web browsers, Google thinks that it is good a push to make more website owners act responsibly.

SSL certificates should be certified by an Internet approved authority in order to be accepted by default in browsers.

Use the Control Panel application to add an SSL certificate to your available domains.

1. Open "hosted domains" and click on icon next to your domain name to add a new SSL certificate.

2. Enter the certificate CRT and KEY information into textboxes.
3. Press SAVE and you are ready to use the HTTPS with your domain.

Please be aware that changing an SLL certificate may take up to 60 minutes to refresh all available servers SSL cache container. This does not apply to first SSL setup which is ready immediately.

Use a wildcard certificate if you will need to protect subdomains of your domain.

SSL certificates are sold by different providers, prices differ according to different information provided by the certificate. You can find certificates from 4USD to one thousand. Just for communication protection, a cheap certificate will do the job. A wildcard certificate (to protect subdomains) will start from 80USD probably.

Stored certificates and keys are encrypted by default.

We provide a simple utility web-app that can request a free SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt for you.

Please follow next link to get your free SSL certificate:   or use the original here

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