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Date: 2016.7.9        Author: SysAdmin

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Micro data

Micro-data, open Control Panel databases to use the web interface for Micro-data NoSQL databases. https://cp.webcentral.eu

Micro-data is a small key based document data collection, can be up to 5mb in size (~ 30,000 contact records).

Check API for programmatic management of your data and database read/write access.

Access rights can be set per table.

Sample: contacts table

- Can accept new records from guests (your website contact page).

- Accept read only from authorized users

- Will send emails for a new record.

To properly set the email alert message, a JSON string text is used. Please follow next  format:

{"subject":"<subject>","message":"<message>","record":"{<record fields to display object>}}

- subject : Email subject

- message: Email message

- records: Object / add each field and description

Sample: ( contacts form )

{"subject" : "New record for CONTACTS ( webiste address )",
  "message" : "A new record is created ... ",
  "record" : {    
       "f" : "First Name",
       "l" : "Last Name",
       "t" : "Record message",
       "e" : "Email address",
       "p" : "Phone"   

You can check a JSON string here: http://jsoneditoronline.org/

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