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Date: 2017.6.13        Author: Admin

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MicroData API

MicroData API

MicroData is a small NoSQL API that offers fast read access to a small table.

Data storage is 5Mb, 5 Mb are enough to keep more than 10000 contacts basic info.

Offers CRUD stadard operations using RESTful API's. Read speed is limited to the number of our servers at the moment, write speed is limited to a maximum 15/second but no less that 5/second. Speed is per table.

MicroData is controlled using the webdo.com control panel  using the Database panel.

One tables collection is stored under an APK key.

MicroData are recommended for configuration files, lists, and data entries that are flushed from time to time to not exceed the 5Mb limitation.

Guest access - allows access without authorization
Authoriztion access - gives access to authorized users
Set Auth access rights to READ in order to have read access from authorized users, the account owner will always have full access.

All origin, set CORS to allow access to all origins, or set a list of allowed origins like https://dbv.webcentral.eu that is the table viewer. 

Alert email will send an email wherever an record is added.


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