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Refund policies

Payment refund policies

WebDo.com sells web services like web hosting and web applications services.
For some services we offer free accounts that can generally be used without restrictions or trial periods.

There is NO REFUND policy for domain names payments. Domain names are paid for one year in advance and can not be refunded. When you buy one domain from us we pay for it to our domain names partners. Canceling a processed credit card payment for a domain name is not allowed by our policy, we take the right to suspend an account for such reason.

Refunds can be made in 15 days from the payment date.

We will stop deliver invoiced paid services same day after a refund.
We will refund the total amount but credit card commission (1.9% + 0.35 USD).

Please send your questions to support@webdo.com or sales@qbis.ro .

Contact information:

Q-bis Consult S.R.L.
98 Uranus, bl. U8, fl. 4, ap. 35
Bucharest, Romania





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