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Date: 2017.6.14        Author: Admin

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WEBDO.COM offers free open source software that easily creates RESTful API's for PostgreSQL and MySQL.


https://www.npmjs.com/package/psql-api  with docs at https://q-ube.com/pages/psqldocs/help.html 


https://www.npmjs.com/package/mysql-restful    with docs at  https://q-ube.com/pages/mysqldocs/help.html 

These NodeJS API servers can be installed on infrastructure from different providers as Amazon, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure.

You are free to use the provided open source software to create your own SQL API's.

We do not provide hosting for SQL databases at this moment. Please check at a later time.
We do not provide infrastructure hosting at this moment. Please check at a later time.

The license is MIT, software as it is.
Contact sales department if you will need help with API's implementation or any back-end development.

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